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  Geothermal potential
  Basic notions
  Large scale example
  Low grade heat
  Temperature Gradient
  Why Geothermal?
  The concepts
  Territorial considerations
  Environmental Impact
  Cost effectiveness

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Geothermal Engineering Research Office

The concepts


There are many EGS power generation solutions commercially available:

Condensing plants (high temp. fluids)

Binary plants (low temp. fluids)

  • ORC Organic Rankine Cycle (commonly isobutane)
  • Kalina Cycles (NH3+ H2O)

Combined Cycles (steam + binary)

Open System

GEROM - Open System

Closed System (OCR)

GEROM - Closed System (OCR)

Closed System (Kalina)

GEROM - Closed System (Kalina)

Combined Cycle

GEROM - Combined Cycle

Other design solutions

Axial flow turbines – most common

Radial inflow turbines – may be more efficient for low enthalpy fluids

Air cooled condensation

Water cooled condensation – especially in plants with CHP (combined heat/cold and power generation), and where water is abundant.


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