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  Geothermal potential
  Basic notions
  Large scale example
  Low grade heat
  Temperature Gradient
  Why Geothermal?
  The concepts
  Territorial considerations
  Environmental Impact
  Cost effectiveness

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mission statement

"To research, inform, and implement on a national scale the engineering concepts of Enhanced Geothermal Energy in Malta"

GEROM is an independent and non-profit organization founded in April 2007

This site is developed GEROM


This presentation cannot seek to give 'answers'

Its aim is to hopefully stir up interest and awareness

Are we considering all possibilities?
Can we adapt heat mining technology and design it to our needs?
Are we ready to make a bold step in reducing oil import dependence?
Are we content with reducing our carbon emissions by just a tiny fraction? We are working with partners throughout the world to improve ways in which we can further develop geothermal technology. It is part of a wider drive to produce more ecologically friendly energy production. Manufacturing industry in particular could seek to benefit from clean energy. Energy intensive production such as automated welding machines in automotive production, can reduce carbon footprints

Fri, 07 Nov 2014 12:26:00 GMTGeothermal Energy, Solar Energy
Listen Up: Geothermal Heat Pumps and Rooftop Solar Are a Perfect Match
Solar PV customers understand that they can generate cheap electricity with rooftop solar. That electricity is good for lighting, appliances, air conditioning and other household uses. But homeowners often ask about heating their homes with solar. The answer used to be installing a solar thermal system with rooftop solar panels generating hot water (stored in a tank) or hot air (stored in a bed of rocks or other thermal mass). But now there is another option: heat pumps combined with rooftop PV.


Fri, 07 Nov 2014 11:38:00 GMTGeothermal Energy
Election Sets Stage for Geothermal Business in the Lame Duck Session
The 2014 elections mark a return to election politics characterized by winning from the middle. This is a departure from recent years where campaigns seemed dominated by ideological extremes. As a result, the call in the air today seems to be for a Congress that can get down to business. How that transpires into Washington’s version of political reality will be tested as Congress returns for a lame duck session starting November 12.

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