I Tried Acupuncture For Stress

James instructed me to go about the rest of my day avoiding any strenuous activities and to avoid drinking. I made sure to do just that because I did not want to lose this Zen-like high. James said some clients come in for acupuncture sessions once a month while others do weekly sessions, depending on what concerns they are looking to address. 

I could see why people schedule weekly sessions because my first acupuncture experience was beyond anything I could have expected. My session took place on a Sunday morning, so I luckily had the rest of the day to chill and stay in a relaxed state. The Zen-like high I felt immediately after the needles were removed remained for the rest of my day. Unfortunately by Monday morning, as soon as my workday began, any sort of calming feeling I had the day before was gone, which I expected. 

Overall, I think acupuncture is a great way to handle and prevent stress. I’m someone who has difficulty unwinding and de-stressing, so this was an ideal way to force myself to sit still and clear my mind. Along with other mental health practices, acupuncture might not be a cure-all for anxiety and stress, but it’s a great form of therapy to implement into one’s routine to manage it. I would definitely schedule more acupuncture sessions in the near future to make sure I’m prioritizing time for myself away from social media, work, and other stresses I have in my life. 


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