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  Geothermal potential
  Basic notions
  Large scale example
  Low grade heat
  Temperature Gradient
  Why Geothermal?
  The concepts
  Territorial considerations
  Environmental Impact
  Cost effectiveness

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Geothermal Engineering Research Office


Uninterrupted supply (constant output of power = easier generation of electricity)

Uninterrupted direct heat supply

Cascading and combined energy use (heating/cooling)

Highest GWh/y per MWe installed

Weather independent

Solar irradiation independent

Energy price stability

Local resource

Land installations possible

Lower risk of damage (weather, seismic activity etc)

Discrete low rise installations

Low environment impact if well planned

Non polluting, no CO2 emissions (re-injection of spent fluids)

Accessible technology

3 Dimensional growth potential (underground)

Low maintenance

Low running costs (only maintenance costs)

Almost all parameters can be tailored (A,V´, z2, number of wells, water/brine properties, fracturing of reservoir, etc)

Possible use of industrial/ domestic waste waters (for injection)

Vast resources guaranteeing sustainability (possibility of providing more than our small nation’s needs)

Energy storage by re-injection

Possible evolution – Thermo Voltaic Cells?

Possible discovery of other resources while drilling wells

Growing phase technology: there could be a case for funding due to interest in large scale sedimentary rock EGS.


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