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  Geothermal potential
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  Temperature Gradient
  Why Geothermal?
  The concepts
  Territorial considerations
  Environmental Impact
  Cost effectiveness

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Territorial considerations

GEROM - Territorial ConsiderationsThe small size of our nation could turn to our advantage

The greater part of the population is densely concentrated in a radius of about 6 km

Besides electricity EGS can provide thermal power to be distributed as hot water within this small radius and at very low running costs.

District cooling

The majority of industrial areas, hotels, public structures, pools, shops, offices etc. are concentrated in the eastern 6 km radius

GEROM - Adsorbtion ChillerAdsorption chillers (Water-Silica Gel / Zeolith – no compressors, no refrigerant gases, no Li Br leaks) powered by hot geothermal fluids could supply uninterrupted chilled water for district cooling in summer.


For the above reasons, converting the Marsa power station to EGS might be an option to consider (together with other central eastern zones).

Note that only fluid risers would be present in the EGS area and these can be covered together with the piping.

Some wells could be drilled underwater. Once finished drilling, the area would again be clear of obstructions.

GEROM - Territorial Considerations


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