What It’s Like To Get Your Private Parts Pierced


“Here’s what you need to know: Yes, it really does hurt but I felt like it didn’t hurt as badly as everyone makes it seem. (Disclosure, I do have a pretty high pain tolerance.) However, the healing process is EXCRUCIATING. It takes forever — it’s been over a year for me and it’s still crusty/bloody. They are also super sensitive to pain. I have no enjoyment from nipple stimulation anymore. I actually hate when my boyfriend touches them because it’s painful and uncomfortable.”


“Let me preface this by saying I have had a lot of piercings. Before piercing my nipples, I had my lower back pierced with microdermals and an industrial. Two VERY painful piercings. To this day, my nipples stand out as my most unpleasant piercing experience and remain the only piercing I will NEVER redo. The bars they put in unfortunately were too small cause they were based on my nipples when they were hard. When they got soft and flattened out the bar was too short and so it never healed and it was so painful, I didn’t even want to go back to get the bars changed. I took them out and never looked back. I also never noticed any difference in sensitivity.”



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